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March 11, 2022

By Heidi Dawson

How to combat feeling unworthy…

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Why do we sometimes feel so unworthy? Studies have shown most people feel this way at some point and what we do with those feelings has a lot to do with our happiness or lack of happiness. Some of us often have common reoccurring fears and one of them is not being good enough, not feeling worthy. I believe this one is a biggie fo a lot of us. How many of us have felt this way? How many of us have felt this way because someone we looked up to or someone that raised us told us if we didn’t do things this way or that way then you’re not worthy of love or acceptance.

I have something to say about this…

You are worthy just for being human. You are worthy not because someone else tells you you are, but because you were born, yeah it’s as simple as that. You are a gift from God or the Universe or whatever belief system you have. It is not an accident that you are here and that you are where you are. If you’re reading this blog post, this message is meant for you. What is your purpose, your passion, your dream? You are worthy of that dream and you are meant for it.

So now that that’s settled. What does feeling worthy look like? How does someone that feels worthy walk around this crazy, fascinating world we live in? I am someone who knows what it feels like to feel worthy but also times in my life where I felt very unworthy. I can remember a time I had a minister once tell me that I was not worthy of having my prayer heard by God and that he would have to pray for me in order to have my prayers heard. I was probably 22 or so and I remember the feeling of hopelessness that came with that thinking I wasn’t even worthy to pray? I look back now of course and realize how ridiculous that was for him to say and also how it couldn’t further from the truth. You might be thinking to yourself well that’s just crazy and it is.

I bet though, you can think of things people said that may have shaped your own worthiness. “You’ll never be successful”, “you aren’t good enough”, “you’re bad because you did this or that”…. I could go on but I don’t want to depress us.. And listen..everyone has a story and some are worse than others but if you’re reading this right now..you are NOT your past. You are NOT what someone else decides you are and because I love you…and I only want what’s best for you… Here is a little bit of tough love👇🏽

Your life is your own. No-one else can do it for you. Your life is going to be exactly what you make of it. We can hang onto the stories Of our life and all the reasons we can’t do something OR We can decide right now that enough is enough. And back to the question of what does feeling worthy look like? It looks like not settling. It looks like not tolerating toxic relationships. It looks like setting boundaries In the relationships you do have. It looks like having a healthy relationship with food. It looks like having an environment that you enjoy and is worthy of you. You guys I can continue all day on this But I know you have things you have to do, so let me say this…

Knowing yourself and realizing your worthiness is often a starting point for greatness for people and it doesn’t matter where you are in life. Sometimes we think it’s impossible to change because we think soooooo big! For instance going from 100 lbs overweight to being super fit in a month probably isn’t going to happen but you know what you can do in a month? A whole freakin lot! So Yes, dream big but Set outcomes that are doable. Ok?

My challenge this week. Pick an area of your life where you are done settling and decide what it would look like if it was already wildly successful. What’s the ultimate outcome? 18% body fat? Having a successful business that you love? Clarity is the goal here. You don’t even have to know how it’s going to happen. Clarity of outcome is crucial. Know your outcome. Write it everywhere, create a digital vision board, put sticky notes on your mirror and your fridge and then watch your brain help you solve the puzzle of how you’re going to do it.

I know you can do this and can’t wait to see what you come up with. I love you guys and I’ll chat with you in a few days.

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