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Episode 421
Wildly Successful Lifestyle

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Hi guys! Welcome to Episode 421 of The Wildly Successful Lifestyle podcast!
Welcome to the podcast where in usually under 15 minutes twice a week we light a little fire inside us that gets our heads thinking good thoughts even if just for a moment. And sometimes that moment turns into a day and that day turns into a week and now we have momentum towards being exceptional….in under 15 minutes, who wouldn’t want to add that to their podcast list? So don’t forget to subscribe, review and share so that you and all the people you love can live a wildly successful life..

OK, how many of you roll your eyes at self-help gurus or cringe when a motivational video comes on? You may be like me and live for that stuff, but you could be like the majority and wave it off as a fleeting momentary good feeling. I’m here to tell you it’s more than that.

I was living in a small apartment in Jackson, TN. I loved that little apartment. But one day, I was divorced and had gone through a few hard relationships and life just wasn’t easy for me. It seemed like I was on my own and everything was hard and there was no end in sight. I remember like it was yesterday, it felt like things were always going to be hard to the point where for a day or two, I just couldn’t find the energy or the motivation to get out of my bed and do anything. As I laid there though, I knew this was not how I wanted to live, this was not who I am. I knew that if I gave in today, tomorrow would just be harder so I asked myself what is it that will get me going even just for today?

How have I inspired myself in the past? So I laid there and I thought, you know, Tony Robbins has helped me get through so much already, maybe he could help again and I felt this little bubbling of hope, and guys hope feels so good when you’re feeling like life is especially hard, so I knew I needed to hang onto that little bit of hope, and that’s what got me up to go look for my Tony Robbins CD set, (yes back when we still used CD’s) so I put in on of his CD’s I don’t remember which one it was. And just for that day it got me moving. I cleaned my apartment, I walked outside, and I listened to him say “it’s on me to make my life what I want it”. No-one was knocking on my door getting me out of bed and making me be the best version of me, no that’s all on me. And that low period where I was feeling sorry for myself and lacking any inspiration whatsoever slowly changed into the life I live today. But it didn’t happen by going to the bar and numbing the low feelings away. It didn’t happen by staying in bed and doing just enough to get by and it didn’t happen overnight. But it started by me asking the right question…what is one thing I can do TODAY that will have me feeling better TODAY? I didn’t have it in me to think about tomorrow or my future, I needed to meet myself where I was and just get myself moving on that day. Life is momentum. And sometimes you just need to get the momentum heading in the right direction and then usually gravity will take over. Sometimes it just takes one good judgement call….you finally go to the gym even though you didn’t want to. You finally made the phone call to mend a relationship even though your ego wanted to hang on to your anger. You finally made one little decision that steered the ship just a little to the left away from it’s current path and then good things started happening. It may not be a Tony Robbins CD for you, it may be something else. What is it that’s going to steer the ship in the direction you were meant to be heading?

And People will say that’s a temporary fix, it won’t last. and I say OK! SO WHAT. LOOK if a motivational cd or song or video gets you out of bed and changes your state even for a moment. Then I say go for it. You’ve given yourself another chance. Keep giving yourself every single chance you can until your back on your feet. I was in yoga the other day. It was a full class. And there was a lady a couple down from me, I had never seen her in class before I think she did one or two poses and then she sat the rest of them out. She didn’t seem like she had done a lot of yoga so she was probably new. But you know what? I was proud of her. I was sending her love in my head. She did the hard thing of getting to the class. I dont care if you get to 10 classes and all you do is one move. Eventually you’ll do 2 and then 5 and then at some point you’ll do the whole thing as long as you get in the habit of going. So good for her. And good for me too back when I hit a low point and didn’t want to get out of bed but I knew that would spell disaster and I also knew it was a mindset thing so I threw a Tony Cd in and he got me going. Just for that day and then a different cd got me going the next day. And I kept doing it until I knew I was in a good place on my own.

Here’s the thing. The people you see that go to the gym regularly, that eat healthy that are successful at anything really, they have hard days too. They sometimes don’t want to go to the gym there are times they want to eat the whole cake, there are days when they want to quit too but the difference is they don’t, or at least they don’t more often than they do. We all have it in us to do that…..so

Never be ashamed of doing something positive for yourself even if you feel like you’re doing it all wrong, or you only lasted a few minutes or you sat the whole thing out but at least you showed up. Eventually. If you keep showing up, You’ll create a habit and now you’ve steered the ship in a whole new direction, one where your creating and loving life, instead of wishing the day was over so you could get home and have a drink so you don’t have to think about how unhappy you are. I’ve been there, but I never allowed myself to live there. Misery can become a habit too. And no-one is going to save you from that but you.

And look, I know the things that are going to create a really vibrant beautiful life for me and I know the things that won’t. And sometimes the things that won’t, feel like the thing you want to do the most…scroll on X for hours, stay in bed until it’s too late to exercise, Eat all the things the pizza the cookies drink all the alcohol, sometimes our brain begs us to do those things because its addicted to them and it gets easy quick fixes, but then you realize that you just feel worse about yourself when you do them, but you cant seem to not do them. And here’s where I have to be real with myself, Am I going to allow my dopamine addicted brain to just do whatever it wants or am I going to step in and take the bowl of candy away from the 2 year old? So yeah, I know the things that will create a long term happy vibrant life and I know the things that won’t, the question is am I willing to put in the work to make my life exceptional. I hope so and I hope that same thing for you. It’s not going to happen on it’s own, but it is within your power. And sometimes all it takes is one cd or video or playlist that inspires you to take one little move towards being exceptional.

It really is all up to me. And it’s all up to you too.

My challenge to you today is to make a list of things that you know will build a life you love, this usually involves creating and then make a list of the things that won’t, which usually involves consuming. Which one are you doing more of? And one more challenge, come up with a playlist, a podcast, a mantra that you can put on and you know that that’s going to light a fire in you to do more of the list where your creating rather than consuming. It’s all up to you. Share this with 3 born creators, I love you guys I’ll talk to you in a few days.

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