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The Power of Intuition

Episode 397
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Hi guys! Welcome to Episode 397 of the wildly successful lifestyle podcast. What’s going on out there? Are you guys guarding your mind like your happiness depends on it? I hope so because it does.

Did you know that every single cell in your body listens to and is affected by every single thought you think? If you are a positive thinker you vibrate differently than someone who is not. You walk and talk and carry yourself differently. That’s because your cells respond to your thoughts. That’s why when you’re stressed or depressed it’s written all over your body and face no matter how hard you try to hide it, you’re a walking poster for your thoughts. Now people that aren’t very conscious won’t see it they see the poster that you want them to see, they see the mask you’re wearing but conscious people will feel it before they see it because your body is vibrating that energy. And if you’re not a born optimist, you can learn to be one through affirmations. And if you just rolled your eyes, which I’m sure you didn’t, but if you did… I want you to stop for just a minute and honestly tell yourself “today is gonna be a really good day” and then think about how a really good day would look for you. But just notice how just that one affirmation changed the way you felt even if just for a moment. We are so affected by the way we think.

When I first started realizing how important it is to be aware of our thoughts I wondered how I managed to get through life and still be a happy thriving human being. I realized that I am naturally optimistic and that’s why things have worked out for me because I was certainly not aware of my thoughts growing up or even as a young adult. Once I became a young adult out on my own struggling to be happy and thrive in a world I wasn’t prepared for, I realized quickly I needed help navigating it. We can’t do things alone. We can’t thrive keeping to ourselves and isolating ourselves, not all the time. It’s good to be alone with ourselves some but we are social creatures, we aren’t meant to be alone. So as I started realizing I needed some help, one of my mentors, Eddie Scruggs, introduced me to Tony Robbins and that has been the catalyst from my life being a slow motion optimistic train wreck to one that I wake up every day grateful for where I am and what I’ve created.

The universe has a way of delivering what you need when you need it but just like anything in life you have to follow your intuition, You have to act on your intuition. Have you ever had an intuition about something, ignored it, and then said ….”now I knew that was gonna happen” We all have. Our intuition will do more for us being happy and successful than any degree. A college degree is great but it’s someone else’s guidance showing us sort of a general path to success. Our intuition is our own guidance showing us the path to what we are meant for specifically.

Following our intuition or not is the difference between fulfillment and the constant searching for fulfillment.

We all have intuition and we all have thoughts. What’s the difference? How do you know which is which. I read an article by Nuno Alves this week that said intuition is a knowing that is translated by our mind, thoughts are created by our mind or by what we read or by who we are around. Do you get that?

You have a knowing deep within you of what’s right for you or not, of what relationships are right for you or not, it’s a knowing of what is best for you. That is intuition of which we all have. If you are someone who always follows your intuition you are probably closer to fulfillment than someone who generally ignores their intuition or worse has completely disconnected from their intuition because it’s been so buried by people pleasing and negative thoughts. I’m afraid a lot of people are living that version, more so with the rise of social media. I think our social lives are being replaced by social media. But what does social media have to do with our thoughts or intuition? Well if you spend much time on it…A LOT. It will sway your thoughts and drown out your intuition. That’s the power of it.

Thoughts no matter how deep they are can be swayed. I’ve had a thought before and then listened to someone debate the thought and now I’m like well they’re right so now my thought changes. Our mind is easily swayed by whatever we pay attention to. Our thoughts will change based on that. But our intuition comes from somewhere else, a higher place and is translated by the mind but is unwavering of knowing it’s what you should do or not.

So have you ever had a strong feeling about something and there’s nothing in the world that can make you waver? You just know in your heart you’re right about it? Of course you have. That’s your intuition. Maybe you followed it, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you keep saying one day you will follow it but that one day keeps getting pushed back because of your thoughts which remember are swayed easily by your environment.

I have followed my intuition many times when I had thoughts that I shouldn’t. So when I left the religion that I grew up in, I knew it was what I needed to do, deep down I knew that religion wasn’t right for me but most of my family and most of the people I grew up with tried to influence me that I was making a mistake. So of course I had thoughts of am I going to regret it? I could be making a mistake but my knowing that that religion wasn’t for me was too unwavering and so I left and never looked back, It was the right decision for me. Not for everyone else, but it was for me.

Living your life trying to please other people is a no win situation for you because it’s an ever moving target. Deep down you know that. But if you listen to society or your parents or your teachers they tell you follow this path or else. That path may be exactly what gives them fulfillment but if your intuition is telling you something else is for you, you gotta go for it. What fulfills your mom or dad and what fulfills you are probably very different and that’s how we were designed. That’s what makes the world go round. That’s the secret to true happiness. Everyone following their intuition to their own path of fulfillment.

The thoughts that come up to block you from following your own knowing, your own intuition are often put there by the people around you, mostly well intended, but recognize them for what they are…someone else’s limited beliefs trying to influence you away from your unique path to fulfillment.

Louise hay says our longing is our calling. If we follow it we are assured success in our very own unique way.

If you have a strong knowing you’re meant for something. You’ll never be fulfilled until you act on that knowing. Even if it’s something you’ve put off for years. That intuition is the universe showing you the way. Your way. The one only you can possibly know and it won’t be swayed by the thoughts that come up, it can be drowned out by the thoughts but it’s not gonna be swayed. That’s how you know it’s intuition. You know it deep in your gut.

My challenge to you this week is to
Have the courage to follow it. Share this with 3 people that have strong intuitions. I love you guys, I’ll talk to you in a few days!

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