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Who am I really?

Episode 398
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Hi guys! Welcome to Episode 398 of the Wildly Successful Lifestyle podcast! Thanks for being here. I love knowing you’re always gonna be there listening and growing and just hanging out with me. Im super thankful for you today and every day.

Would you like you if you met you?

I Saw this question today and it made me think.

It really made me think. Who am I really? Who are you really? That’s what we all would like to know about ourselves and it would also be nice to know that about the people we interact with. So when I think about who am I. What do I have to go off?

Am I my body? Am I my mind? Are we just a collection of decisions that have been made from birth to who we are today? But if we are just a collection of decisions, who’s making the decisions? See I believe we are not our body and we are not our mind.

My mind and body are separate from who I am. And so is yours. I am a being that has been granted this body and mind as a vessel in which to experience life.

So if that feels right to you, that you are not your body and you are not your mind, that you’re this being that is inside this body which has a mind, that means you can look at your body and mind from a different perspective. Kind of like an outsider. And if you don’t like what you see you can change it. So many times we hear people say that’s just how I am. That’s so me. I was born that way.

I talked in episode 397 about people who are conscious can feel your energy before you even speak. That’s so true. Before you think I’ve gone off the reservation here. Think about this have you ever come into a situation where people have been fighting before you got there and now they are trying to hide the fact that they were fighting but you can cut the tension in the room with a knife? We are energy. We are vibration. We are not just this make up we put on that is our body and our mind. Why do you think it is said that a good speaker knows how to read the room? There’s an energy that we all put off. We just have to know how to read the room.

Now. This is not something that we even talk about. It’s not taught in school, the idea of us being separate from our body and mind is not even brought up in most families. It’s too far out there. So why am I talking about it?

I’m talking about it because when I thoughts of would I like me if I met me. The only answer to that is of course I would. Because I know I’m not the imperfect body and mind that I present to the world. I’m way more than that.

MY body is made up of the decisions I’ve made about food and movement and maintenance and all the things that affect how our actual body appears. So if I make those decisions then obviously I’m separate from that body because I can observe in real time what those decisions have created in the form of my body. The same thing for my mind. My mind is made up of what I’ve fed it as well. From the moment I was born to today which is a long time, my mind has been soaking up experiences and education, religion, likes and dislikes, including the people I surround myself with. I’m able to see that my mind is something I’ve created also through a series of decisions I’ve made which means I must be separate from my mind too.

Why does this even matter? It matters in two ways. It matters to you because if you are not your thoughts then you have the power to change it. If you are not your body then you have the power to change that too. Not like change bodies but you have the power to change how your body appears and functions and you have the power to change how your mind thinks. And to me that is extremely empowering. By the decisions that you (you meaning the being that controls your mind and body) by the decisions you make you have the power to fundamentally change the trajectory of your life. What you feed your body and your mind, that’s entirely up to you and completely shapes how your experience in life is.

Number two. It matters because you can see that every single person you interact with is also not their thoughts or their body and it allows you to see them as separate from that.

When we are born we are pure light but due to life some of our lights are very dim and some are even blocked. That light is your true being. We all want to experience love and happiness. That is human nature. We are very social creatures. We are not meant for isolation. That’s why isolation is used as leverage or a punishment because it’s one of the worst things you can do to a human is to isolate them. That’s part of why the world seemed to turn upside down during Covid. You can’t isolate every human being on earth for a long period of time and not expect huge fallout. There was way more fallout from isolation then there was from even the disease we were being isolated for.

So would I like me if I met me on the street? Well If I looked at the part of me that is a consequence of all the decisions I’ve made I might be like girl what were you thinking??? But if I looked beyond that at the being I am that makes those decisions, the one that is pure light…of course I would. And I would do the same for you because I know you’re not the decisions you make, but the life you are living is the consequence of them. And that’s empowering in that it’s not too late to create a life you love because you aren’t bound to the decisions you’ve made in the past, you’re a being that can constantly creating a new version of yourself. You have that power. You don’t have to be stuck with the junk of the past. Your body if you decided today to stop feeding it junk would respond so quickly it would blow your mind. And on the topic of mind…if you stop feeding it junk too, it would go even further towards creating a life you love because that’s where most of our life is created…inside our mind. The world is a wreck if you think it is and the world is beautiful if you think it is. You’ll find evidence of either one, it just depends on what you’re focused on and what you’re looking for.

You can make big changes to your life by the way you treat the vessel in which you were given to experience it. If you’re on the ocean in a boat that hasn’t been cared for the ride is going to be way worse than on a boat that is pristine. You’re still going to experience rough waves and weather but a well maintained boat will give you shelter, will give you a smoother ride, will give you a sense of security that you don’t have when your boat is a wreck. You are not the boat but your experience on that ocean is in direct proportion to how that boat is managed. The same goes for your life. You are not your mind, you are not your body.

Our bodies and our minds are our vessels in which we experience life. Is yours maintained? Are you feeding your body and mind food that empowers it? Maybe you haven’t been but want to start. This is the sign you’ve been looking for. It’s the small decisions that have big impact that help you maintain your vessel. One thing I’m currently doing is reminding myself that sugar is poison, so I’ve been

My challenge to you today is see yourself as the light that you were born with. Is that light clear and bright? If it’s not, it is completely in your power to get it back. Decide today one thing you can do to bring that light back out. maintain the vessel you’ve been given to experience life.

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